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Mini Viper - White PF version


If you are Viper lovers and love white spinner, this Mini Viper is for you, I bet. White Viper is our dream a long time ago, and we are so exciting to bring to you this time. This spinner is ready to ship now. Please join to our group on FB to get a gift code (you will receive 2 glow beads if use this code)

So, let's go ! 


- Dimensions: 9*26*47.5

- Bearing: R188

- 2 SS beads

- Button: SS

- Center cover: SS

- Tritium slots: 10

- Tritium size: 1.5*6

- Color: White

More info of PF:  https://www.yecwork.com/blogs/news/mini-viper-pf-phenolic-plastic-version

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