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Circuit Inner Plate for Billetbox (limited version)


Hi ! this is the link for you to purchase for the limited inner/ plate that designed by June Mike - YEC's designer. Please bear in mind that we won't restock this version by any chance and this is the only and the last chance that you can get a set

YEC team is a big fan of Sci-Fi, so we came up with this idea and immediately make it real in a month. Overall, most of them are similar, this batch of were cerakote into black and anodized to get the Blue~Purple circuit, and every set are different a little bit regarding to color, it might be a little bit bluer or a little bit more purple, we did it because we want your Items are unique, so please don't email us about why your pieces are not the same as the picture below 

If you are ready, so let's start to go to the information of this version


Material: Titanium

Surface treatment: Sandblast and Cerakote

Anodized into blue~purple

In total, there are only 5 pieces will be available but only 4 pieces are on this site and the rest 2 pieces will be sold as group sale, so if you miss this chance, please click to this   link  to get the 2nd chance


Price: $250 (all fee and standard shipping included)

Gift: A set of Blue~purple screws in Titanium will be shipped with this set 

Currently: We can ship to US, China, some countries in EU. If you purchase for this one but you are not in the countries above, please email us to pay an extra of DHL shipping or we will ship to you after the situation of virus becomes better 

Email: y.e.cstudio11@gmail.com

The last step is glue magnet ! they are ready to be shipped
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